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Projects presented at the Adria meeting in May 2018

Links from the workshop by Alfonso d'Ambrosio

Materials from the workshops at meetings

In this workshop students get an insight into using micro-controllers in combination with sensors. The best known system for educational purposes is the Arduino family of micro-controllers, the most popular being the model UNO (see for more information. The original UNOs are available at about 20 Euro, cheaper copies can be bought for about 7 Euro).

This is a 30 minute workshop that introduces students to the use of micro-controllers and sensors.

Arduino short DS18B20 cablesHardware

  • An Arduino UNO with a USB cable
  • A DS18B20 sensor in a waterproof variant
  • A 4.7k Ohm resistor
  • 3 cables (m/m)
  • A screw terminal for three cables.

To simplify the matter, use the screw terminal to fix the additional cables to the sensor cables and put the resistor between the red (5V) and the yellow cable (data).